hapi, a Prologue

For the past 2 years I have had the pleasure (and luck) of working with node full time. It’s an amazing technology and a remarkable community. Oh, and it’s crazy fun. My focus this year was rethinking web services at Walmart Mobile, from the business layer all the way down to the tools and process we use. A significant part of this effort focused on developing hapi, a new web services framework for node.

But before I write my traditional ‘Introducing’ post, I wanted to first discuss the evolution that led us to build a whole new framework. To truly understand the judge a new framework, it is important to understand the context and objectives leading to its creation. Continue reading

Next stop, Elastic Architecture

Elastic computing has changed the way I think about server-side web development. The idea that an application can scale itself automatically as more resources are needed is extremely powerful. Nouncer uses its own proprietary elastic technologies to allow every component to fork into multiple instances in order to accommodate the need for more computing power. This technology is at the core of what makes Nouncer a great platform for the volume and frequency of user interaction associated with micro-blogging.

A bit of an introduction…

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