Early Thoughts About a Microblogging Business

While archiving the documents used to plan and implement Nouncer, I came across the original document written a little over two years ago (with some minor more recent revisions). It details my service plan, ideas for patents and trademarks, the original name for the service ‘JabAbout’, and a long list of features. It also includes the initial thoughts on the architecture and technical challenges. If you love microblogging or am working on a startup, this is a good read. One funny thing to note, it was written around the time Twitter was launched and before I knew about it – hence Twitter isn’t even mentioned as an example.

The document one line explanation of the service is: “Creating an internet service to enable companies and individuals to send messages  in real-time  to large audiences  of interested subscribers via Instant Messaging  and other technologies, and providing subscribers with tools to find and filter content to fit their needs and ability to handle the content load.”

You download the document here.

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