Stuff I didn’t Get to Write About

MetalinkMetalink is a document format for file download metadata. If you ever downloaded a large file or a LINUX distribution, you probably used a download manager. These are useful applications which help deal with the problems of downloading large files over sometimes unreliable networks. What Metalink does is help clients find the best place to grab a file from, and recover when needed. The community behind Metalink decided to publish their work as an IETF specification, which is now pending Last Call. Feedback is always appreciated. Continue reading

Sunday Morning Cleanup

I am working on some new designs for this blog, trying to transition it into a more persistent online resource for the subjects I care about: OAuth, Discovery, Open Web, and Microblogging. This will include a new look, custom pages for each topic, and the usual house cleaning.

The first step was to review every blog post I wrote over the past two years and recategorize them. The idea is to make the categories a useful tool to stay up-to-date with the topics you care about. On the right side of this blog you will find the 'Categories' tool which shows (in font size) how prominent this topic has been over the past two years. It also provides a link to the posts in each category.

Here are some of my categories:

Sunday Morning I-Ds

Tomorrow is the 74th IETF meeting. I am going to (briefly) present my discovery work at the Application Area meeting, and later discuss OAuth in a separate meeting. For those looking to catch up with my current drafts, they are listed below:

Another draft of great importance to this work (not written by me) is:

Sunday Morning Discovery

Magnifying Glass Discovery is a big topic.

My focus is on discovering resource descriptions or metadata, to enable zero configuration and automatic interoperability of web services. It is the glue that makes all the individual social web protocols work together.

I tend to write about discovery on two levels: conceptual and (very) practical. My on-going Beginner’s Guide to Discovery is at the conceptual level. The recent posts about the XRD protocol stack are the practical implementations of the discovery concepts. As more details are being figured out, it is as important to understand where they are coming from and why they matter.

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Sunday Morning Homework

(Or, Refreshing Your OAuth Knowledge)

OAuth BooksAs we are getting ready to work on the next version of OAuth, focused on security and interoperability, it is time to refresh your knowledge of protocol and its design principals. Over the past few days I went back to the OAuth guides to draw ideas for my rewrite of the Core 1.0 specification. I’m trying to produce a purely editorial revision, writing a better specification without making any changes to the meaning of the previous normative text. Something like an unofficial Second Edition.

So if it has been a while since you last read the specification, wrote code, or read the guides, now is the time to refresh…

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